Medusa a Monster?  A monster is defined as a self constructed image of a creature who embodies the darkest fears of  individuals. Ironically, monsters are created by us, to frighten us, with their unnatural and commonly hideous appearance, and unpredictable behavior. As Jeffrey Jerome  Cohen states in his work, Monster Culture (Seven Theses), monsters are created to speak about us…”they are our children”( Cohen 28).

Medusa, also known as the Snake Head Beast, impersonates a ferocious and appalling villain who turns to stone anyone who dares to look into her eyes. Her isolated nature explains her fury of when she learns of un-welcomed visitors approaching her infamous “Garden of Death”.

She embodies the representation of a monster with her over expression of fury towards mortals, especially men. A once beautiful priestess, Medusa epitomizes a horrendous creature whose beautiful locks of hair turned into serpents and her stare is capable of turning  anyone to stone.

This blog aims to explore the monster of  Medusa in both the medium of art depicted in a famous sculpture and  painting ranging from the 1600’s to the 1800’s as well as recent American films.

Monsters may very well be created for the sole purpose to cause fear among us. Arguably however, by looking deeper into the different types of media that portrays a monster like Medusa for instance, one can conclude that the differing representations of her sends out contrasting messages to audiences.


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